King Charles’s “Record-Breaking” Christmas Message

king charles

King Charles followed his late mother Queen Elizabeth II’s legacy of sending out a Christmas message to his country. That is broadcast all over the world. And this time it broke the record of all time. The message was telecasted from St.Geroge’s Chapel from Winsdor Castle. Competing with the highest streaming apps like Netflix. After 23 years King Charles delivered a Christmas speech.

Is King Charles Thriving As A Monarch?

The new King Charles has outgrown his old self and started to take on responsibilities as monarch, which many couldn’t believe at first however it is happening. The eight-minute image held so much gratitude and a powerful message for the united kingdom and for the world, that it was viewed over 8.1 million on BBC and 1.58 million on ITV and BBC 2 also scored nearly to million.

It ranked seven on the top 10 most-watched shows on Christmas day. Proving his worth every now and then. Many were doubtful about the new king’s reign in Britain’s history. Late Queen Elizabeth II has controlled the country for the past 70 years. And now his footsteps are being followed by her eldest son King Charles, who many thought is unfit for the position given his previous controversies.

Princess Diana’s divorce and later her accident caused havoc in Buckingham Palace and among the royals. The whole country almost believed and still believes in King Charles’s involvement in Diana’s death. Left the whole world and the royals questioning themselves.

The Netflix drama series, Crown showed the world the side of Prince Charles now King Charles. Many believed including King Consort Phillip that the recently crowned King is too sensitive to be on the throne, and the Late Queen overprotected him. Causing many situations that went out of hand.