Stunning Emilia Clarke & Jason Momoa Poses Together

Emilia Clarke
Emilia Clarke

Emilia Clarke and Jason Momoa went down memory lane. The duo starred in the famous series Game Of Thrones. Both the actors had terrific off-screen chemistry. That bonding is reflected in their actions on-screen as well. Their fantastic screen presence and acting skills made the series a huge hit. The duo seems to walk down the old aisle once again. They got nostalgic and remembered their journey while posing together for an event. Both Momoa & Clarke attended the birthday celebration of one of their GOT colleagues. 

Emilia Clarke, David Benioff & Moma: A GOT Get Together

David Benioff was one of the creators of Game Of Thrones. He celebrated his pre-birthday on the evening of Saturday. The party was attended by many. Momoa and Clarke were amongst the invited. Clarke and Momoa were seen to be having a real fun time together. They posed for the camera several times. 

Emilia Clarke shared a couple of pictures with Momoa on Instagram. She posted a picture that depicted herself in the arms of Momoa. She seemed to be very much happy and was beaming with laughter. She adorably captioned her picture. Jason Momoa posted a few pictures as well. He addressed Clarke as his “Moon”. He posted several snapshots from the event. One of the pictures portrayed all three of them. 

The pictures posted were adorable and fun. One of the pictures had Momoa wearing a Sailor’s hat. Clarke sat on the left leg of Momoa. Another one saw Momoa holding Emilia in his arms with Clarke lovingly embracing Jason.

Emilia Clarke and Momoa had a successful stint for the Game Of Thrones. The series continued on air from 2011-2019. During this tenure, Jason Momoa played the character of Khal Drogo. Emilia on the other hand appeared as Daenerys Targaryen. Clarke left the franchise in 2019. 

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