Eminem Under ‘Cancellation’ By TikTokers, Fans Defend His Legacy


Eminem’s fans rage in fumes following a backlash by young TikTok users who said they are about to ‘cancel’ the Rap God. His fans jumped into defense. But this did not help deny that his lyrics have been offensive, controversial, and bigotry. In his songs, he has rapped about murders, fantasy killings, domestic battery, and having fantasies. He has also dissed several pop stars. Remember his and Machine Gun Kelly’s rivalry? Nonetheless, the rapper’s fans were agitated over the fact that Gen Z was trying to spoil his legacy. 

That being said, Eminem has been canceled a lot of times before this. And all of them have successfully been unsuccessful. Not even a single controversial lyric has ever dented his popularity and legacy. And once the social media dust settles, the same suite may be followed. The young TikTokers have been criticizing the rapper. But his fans have been firing back and taking stands for him. Several of these videos on the social media platform seem to be made on purpose. And TikTok is used to having fictional reactive videos. 

The Reason Behind Eminem’s Cancellation

Eminem has been controversial for his works ever since he debuted on the mainstream music land. In 1997, his major debut called The Slim Shady LP, was released. One of the songs in it described a narration of murdering one’s wife. And then having their toddler help in hiding the body somewhere. With his sophomore in 2000, the same theme was used in another song. But this time, it was more graphic. The Marshall Mathers LP had a piece that fantasized about killing his wife. 

The rapper has also spat lyrics that have been homophobic, ableist, sexist, and often refer to domestic violence.