Enabling Effective Compliance And Security Training

Shifting Employee Education

Compliance professionals never rest, always keeping up with the latest regulatory requirements and trying to keep the whole organization trained and compliant. But it’s not just about the latest laws. Compliance and security are directly linked—especially for any industry handling sensitive customer data. In addition to the standard crop of regulations organizations are used to, new regulations are popping up all the time, such as the recently enacted CCPA in California.

To prevent unwanted fines and subsequent brand damage, organizations must ensure that compliance training is effective and streamlined. Besides adhering to rules and regulations, effective compliance training leads to a secure organization with proper governance—two goals most organizations strive to achieve. One of the steps organizations can take to ensure maximum compliance is to bake training into their regular operations and create a culture of continuous training.

Employees: The Weakest Security And Compliance Links

According to Kaspersky Labs, 52% of businesses admit that employees are their biggest weakness in IT security, with careless employee actions putting business IT security strategy at risk. Problems run the gamut, but…

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