Enrique Tarrio Is Sentenced For 22 Years For January 6 Riots

Enrique Tarrio

Enrique Tarrio, one of the chief conspirators in the January 6 riots, has been sentenced to 22 years after being found guilty of seditious conspiracy in the January 6, 2021, Capitol riots case. A former national chairman of the extreme right-wing Proud Boys gang, his sentence is the longest so far.

The sentence on Enrique Tarrio was imposed by Timothy Kelly, the US District Judge. The 39-year-old Tarrio is from Miami and is among the 110 who have already been convicted. Over a thousand more cases are under various stages. Enrique Tarrio and three other Proud Boys members were convicted of seditious conspiracy. The others received prison terms ranging from fifteen to eighteen years.

Judge Kelly said that the incidents on that day broke an important custom that helped support the rule of law and the US Constitution. It was a day that marked a break from the tradition of the peaceful transfer of power following a presidential election.

Enrique Tarrio Planned And Supervised The Attack Though Was Not Present At The Scene

Though Enrique Tarrio was not present in Washington DC during the riots, he was instrumental in planning the events. He was convicted in May of multiple charges including the serious charge of seditious conspiracy.

As a form of sedition, this charge is a counterpart to treason and one that undermines the state without a direct attack on it. Enrique Tarrio was not present in Washington on the orders of another judge. His lawyers said that his absence indicated that he did not directly influence the events that unfolded on that day in the Capitol.

But Judge Kelly ruled that Enrique Tarrio, being the supreme leader of the conspiracy, was behind the organizing of the riots and was driven by radical zeal. He is alleged to have constantly remained in contact with the other members of the group, who were constantly present at the scene of the riots and directly supervised their actions.

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