Joe Biden Is Just A Messenger

Joe Biden
Joe Biden

President Joe Biden carried the message of the longest-living president of the country. Biden just carried the eulogy from 39th president Jimmy Carter, who is spending his last days in Plains, Georgia. Since last year he is surrounded by his loved ones. He has given the most important responsibility to Biden. He has asked his follower and the current president to deliver his eulogy after his demise. Jimmy Carter is currently spending days on his deathbed.

Joe Biden Has Been The Follower And Adviser Of Jimmy Carter

Not only Joe Biden but also the whole country. Jimmy Carter has been battling cancer since 2015. The doctors announced he is cancer free that year in December. Turned out they were wrong and the cancer spread. In 2019 they found four dots in his brain. Which needed immediate attention and went through surgery. The doctors found a breakthrough after a long battle. This breaks Joe Biden’s heart even saying this he is carrying his eulogy. Jimmy Carter turned 98 last year.

He is under hospice care. There will be all kinds of help needed in his home. Joe Biden has met Carter last in 2021 when he moved to Plains. He also asked Joe Biden to spread the word about him seeking hospice care.

Hospice care doesn’t usually last longer than six months. Jimmy Carter’s doctors were surprised to see his progress. He pulled off more than they expected. In a California fundraising event, Joe Biden’s voice broke while talking about Jimmy Carter. He followed his path and has immense respect for him. It was even harder to see him in that position. Jimmy Carter has broken the record for being the longest-living president. George H.W. Bush died at 94 in 2018.