Eric Holcomb- A Far Cry From The Republican GOP

Eric Holcomb
Eric Holcomb

It must come as quite surprising news to many that Eric Holcomb, the Governor of Indiana, has chosen to go his own way. The Republican Governor broke from the stringent ideologies of the Republican GOP by telling reporters that the schools in his state would be strictly implementing mask mandates.

This implies that the Governor has a good head on his shoulders and can make a wise decision when the facts support that statement. He breaks from the faction as several Republican governors have issued orders in the last few weeks which prevented schools from enforcing mask mandates. 

Such a warning has been deemed necessary with the rise in the Delta variant of the Coronavirus. 

Eric Holcomb Welcomes Mask Mandates In Indiana Schools

While Eric Holcomb made it absolutely necessary for mask mandates to be in place, some like Ron DeSantis, the Governor of Florida gave parents the permission to opt-out of mask mandates. His administration was contended with the parents- in the event that they wanted their children to wear. Nonetheless, there have been quite a few districts in the Republican states which have defied the orders of the Governor- with the threat to children huge. 

Eric Holcomb marked a very distinguishable rift from the members of his GOP when he put forward his support for the mask mandate which has been put forward in schools. In his interview with reporters, the Governor stated that the schools were doing an amazing job placing mask mandates- since the situation obviously deserved it. 

Nonetheless, Eric Holcomb also made it clear that he wouldn’t be moving in for a statewide mask mandate. Rather, they would be giving in to all local authorities, schools, and businesses with the freedom to implement a similar feature- if it was deemed necessary.