Ted Cruz Slammed For Insensitive Remarks About Journalist

ted cruz
ted cruz

The public relations arm of CNN slammed Senator Ted Cruz on Monday after the latter was criticizing a journalist for her headcover. The journalist in question was wearing a head covering as she was covering the catastrophe in Afghanistan- when Cruz accused her of supporting the victory of the Taliban.

The capital city of Afghanistan, Kabul, has already been overrun by the military faction of the Islamic Fundamentalist group called the Taliban after the US military started pulling out of the nation- which ended in the 20-year war. 

Ted Cruz Runs His Mouth At Female News Reporter

The journalist, Clarissa Ward, reported that the insurgents from the Taliban faction were chanting death to America, but were seemingly quite friendly to her. Needless to say, Ward found their behavior quite surreal. The controversy took place when Ted Cruz, the Republican Senator from Texas retweeted the eight-second video clip.

The caption he put up while retweeting the video directly accused the media channel of supporting an enemy of America while wearing a burqa. CNN, on their part, decided to defend Clarissa Ward by mocking Cruz for running off to Cancun when things were tough in his state. This is in direct relation to the Senator moving to the resort town in Mexico while Texans faced a brutal winter storm that left over 200 people dead. 

The Communications Twitter account for CNN slammed Ted Cruz further, stating that Clarissa Ward chose to risk her life in order to inform the world of what was happening- rather than moving to Cancun in tough times. The account had a parting shot for the senator- where it asked Cruz to help people rather than believe in conspiracy theorists. 

With respect to her dress- as pointed out by Ted Cruz, the brave journalist stated that she was dressed in a majorly different way than what she wore when she walked through Kabul. 

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