Eternals’ Director Speaks On The End Credits


Eternals has been one of the biggest releases of the year. The film will be the key to Marvel moving forward. After the events of Endgame, people wondered about what to expect next. The MCU hinted at something big with their Disney plus shows. WandaVision, Loki. The movie will play a significant role in determining the route map of this phase. 

Marvel Studios already surprised the audience with their casting. They signed Angelina Jolie to play one of the leading characters. This drew significant eyes towards the movie. Eternals are also expected to mesmerize the crowd with their graphics. The trailers have already been a huge hit. Fans are buzzing with excitement for the screening of the movie. 

However, the surprise did not end here. In a recent interview, the director of the film has revealed some more facts. She stated how they planned the end credit scene to make it appear more interesting. Let us take a detailed look at the event below. 

Eternals: Chloe Zhao Elaborates On Harry Styles Entry 

Chloe Zhao is the director of the upcoming Eternals movie. She has worked very hard to make this movie a grand success. From running through the storyline to picking up the perfect casts. Chloe has ensured everything fits right in. In a recent interview, she elaborated more on the end credit scene of the film. 

The end credits of Eternals have created a significant buzz. Chloe stated that she was very much particular to make the sequence a surprise. The scene shows the entry of Harry Styles into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Styles portrays the role of Starfox. He is the brother of Thanos, however, not evil. Starfox is portrayed as a great adventurer and has also won against Black Robert. Harry Styles was a member of the famous boy band, One Direction. 

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