Golden State Warriors News: The Newbies Thrive In 120-107 Win Against The Rockets

Gary Patton II
Gary Patton II

The Warriors did their job well and beat the Houston Rockets by 120-107.

They were favored by everyone when they entered the contest but Houston did well too, against the best teams in the Western Conference and had played down to the wire. There was obviously a bit of concern as the Warriors had a history of playing down to the level of competition.

The Golden State Warriors put together a complete 48 minutes of solid basketball, never falling into some of the nasty habits that have bitten them before, and improved to 8-1 on the season.

The New Players Are Doing Their Best For The Warriors

They saw scoring contributions from the top of the order till the bottom, a high amount of assists and rebounds as well as a solid and energetic defense.

Poole had a great scoring game against the Pelicans and wasted no time in doing the same against the Rockets. He attempted seven free throws in the first half and nine total by the end of the night.

Every game sees a different Warriors player from the bench to give the second unit some extra punch at scoring. Porter finished with 15 points, all coming on 3-pointers. Three of his five threes came on consecutive plays in the second quarter. Bjelica got going in the third, shooting 3 of 4 from a long distance in that quarter alone. 

Gary Payton II had also been great in the last games. He managed to score 10 pts from the field and had posted a 27+ net rating for the team.

Kerr had stated that it would be hard to keep Payton off the floor. And in every game since that comment, Payton has proven his coach right.

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