Eternals Shows Avengers: Endgame Is An Anomaly Within The MCU


MCU’s recent film, Eternals, was not as successful as others. This made the Avengers: Endgame look like an anomaly of the franchise. 

One of the most successful movies of the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe was Avengers: Endgame. It drew curtains on the Infinity Saga and proved it was an anomaly due to the magnanimous success. 

Eternals’ failure is a more normal event in the MCU. Things that the audience didn’t relate to in Eternals were adored in Endgame. 

Issues In Eternals 

Eternals build on the cosmic characters that were quite a unique concept but led to disappointment. Audiences were looking forward to the star-studded cast but much of the movie focused on individual stories that became dull. 

It also picked up the conflicts of the Endgame that had been building over a decade. Hence it was too much for a single movie to weigh and present coherently. 

Endgame Achieved The Impossible 

Avengers: Endgame is the biggest crossover movie that was the ultimate finale of a decade-long journey. The makers successfully managed to bring all the major heroes into the battle against Thanos. 

Everyone worked together and the coordination was perfect. The story aligned itself accurately with all the earlier events and individual stories. It certainly answered the questions that have been building up till that point and yet left scope for the franchise to keep moving forward. 

Future Of MCU 

The recent Spiderman: No Way Home has already been an Endgame-like success. The multiverse theme has already been introduced and phase 4 will carry it forward with an exceptional line-up. 

Although the metanarratives like What If, Loki, and Eternals have a tunnel vision, it will take a far-reaching, futuristic, and epic vision to have another Endgame finale within the MCU franchise.