Eviction Ban Expires In The US

Eviction Ban
Eviction Ban

The eviction ban that was related to the coronavirus pandemic expired in the United States of America this Sunday. It was related to residential evictions. Following the expiration, millions of renters in the country are under the threat of getting thrown out of their homes. 

Eviction Ban Debates 

The expiration of the eviction ban came as one of the greatest losses of Joe Biden, the President of the United States of America. He had made his last effort of extending the moratorium. He made this move on Thursday by requesting the case to the US Congress. He tried to point out the fact that the cases of the Delta variant of the coronavirus pandemic were growing throughout the country.

The House of Representatives adjourned the motion. This was done without carrying out any reviews of the protection of the tenants. One of the Congressmen belonging to the Republican party put a block on the bid. The leaders of the Democratic Party stated that they did not have enough support to start formal voting for the said proposal. 

A rare session was held on the floor of the US Senate this Saturday. However, nothing was said about the case of an eviction ban. It was also made clear by the White House that it was impossible to clear the eviction ban case unilaterally. They also stated the fact that they were legally bound from taking the decision.

A ruling was given by the Supreme Court in the month of June. According to the studies carried out by the Aspen Institute, it was found that over 15 million households are behind when it comes to rental payments in the country. It was also found that the “Eviction Defense Project” of the coronavirus pandemic collectively owes over 20 billion USD to the landlords.   

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