Ted Cruz Criticizes House Speaker Pelosi Following The Mask Mandate

ted cruz
ted cruz

Ted Cruz, the senator belonging to the Republican party, took a dig at Nancy Pelosi, the speaker of the House. The subject of criticism was the new mask mandate. The House speaker had reinstated the use of masks irrespective of getting vaccinated. This decision was taken in order to stop the growing spread of the Delta variant of the coronavirus pandemic. She was criticized by the Senate this week.

Ted Cruz, And Other Republicans’ Thoughts

Ted Cruz gave a statement against Nancy Pelosi inside the US Senate. It was stated that the House Speaker was absolutely corrupted by power. The Texas-based senator claimed that she was absolutely “drunk on power.” He also claimed the fact that the 81-year-old politician belonging to the Democratic party had no right to fine the other House members.

Ted Cruz further accused her of showing disrespect for all the ones who visit the US Capitol for work, the democratic setup of the countries as well as the US Constitution. The Texas-based Republican was not the only one who attacked Nancy Pelosi, he was accompanied by several others with whom he shared his thoughts. It included Madison Cawthorn, another Republican from the US Congress. All of them said that the House Speaker was acting like she was a God.

Madison Cawthorn, the Representative, directly told Pelosi that she was not a Goddess. It was also stated that she had no right to give any kind of ultimatum to anybody within the country. He also accused her of practicing “medical apartheid.” Another Republican Representative, Thomas Massie, approving Ted Cruz’s statement, claimed that neither he nor his office would abide by the rules set by Pelosi. He also took to the social media platform, Twitter, in order to raise his voice against the issue. 

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