Fast X: What You Can Expect From The Tenth Instalment

Fast X

As the world awaits the release of the Fast and Furious franchise’s tenth movie Fast and Furious 10 or Fast X, fans are anticipating various aspects from cool cars, mind-blowing action sequences, stunts, and overall how the story unfolds in accordance to its 9 prequels. 

To include the Hobbs & Shaw spinoff, Fast X is actually the 11th movie of the franchise. For a first, Aquaman star, Jason Mamoa plays an antagonist in the Fast X. His character Dante Reyes has links with 2011’s Fast V where Dante’s father Hernan Reyes was the primary antagonist and died because of the Fast & Furious’s most beloved protagonist Dominic or Dom played by Vin Diesel. Indeed, the plot of Fast X takes the course, where Dante seeks revenge for his father’s death.

The main theme of Fast X is of course the continuity of the previous movies and above all, the idea of Dom’s (played by Diesel) family. The previous stories have all been woven into the filial relations among characters by blood, marriage, or even brotherhood, with Dominic in the center.

Paul Walker’s Daughter Meadow’s Cameo In Fast X 

Late actor Paul Walker, who previously played the character Brian O’Conner, for 6 Fast & Furious franchise movies. Paul died on November 30, 2013, in an unfortunate car accident when his speeding Porsche driven by him crashed into two trees and a concrete lamp post and caught fire while shooting for Fast 7 was still incomplete. His untimely demise brought the franchise and its fans to an emotional standstill. 

In Fast X fans will be seeing Paul’s daughter, Meadow Walker’s cameo as an air hostess in the movie. Meadow’s cameo will be an emotional tribute to Paul and might bring tears to the eyes of his fans.