Jason Brothers Face Off: Travis Kelce Shrugs Off Chiefs Loss To Eagles

travis kelce

Travis Kelce had his milestone catch on Monday overshadowed by his team’s 27-17 defeat against the Philadelphia Eagles. The Kansas City Chiefs tight end caught the 74th touchdown of his career that tied him for 5th place on the all-time list for that position.

With brother Jason Kelce playing for the Eagles, it was a bitterly fought game, but the siblings displayed a supreme exhibition of sportsmanship when they embraced and interacted after the game. The Eagles came out triumphant as Jason’s team beat Travis Kelce’s Chiefs for the 1st time ever in his career spanning 13 years. It was finally an end to the Eagles’ losing run against the Chiefs. 

Jason had recently noted in New Heights, the brothers’ podcast, that his team had never managed to beat Travis Kelce’s team during his stint with the team. After the game, Travis and Jason Kelce sought out each other and after a brief contact, rounded off with an endearing moment of off-field sibling camaraderie as they hugged each other and laughed before they moved on.

Jason Spoke Of The Extra Attention They Got Whenever He And Travis Kelce Played

Jason Kelce has also spoken about the extra attention he and Travis Kelce get, especially when they are up against each other. He termed the media attention a ‘lot.’ But he also said that they had a lot of fun as they got to professionally play the game they loved so much. Jason noted that he and Travis love playing against each other.

Jason spoke about the familiarity within their teams, and the presence of family and friends who are all excited to see both of them play in the same game. He said that it means much to them and they all get to relish it for the whole week. At the other end, Jason Kelce continues to strengthen his Hall of Fame resume while making his case for the greatest TE ever.