Nebraska Legislature Passes Bill Banning Abortion After 12 Weeks


The conservative Nebraska legislature mustered enough votes to introduce two separate restrictions on gender-affirming care and abortion. This piece of legislation comes amid relentless protests at the state Capitol. 

The Nebraska anti-abortion bill was a calculated risk undertaken by lawmakers. Failure to win the stipulated 33 votes would have effectively shelved the proposal for the year. But this move, described as a novel compromise by the conservatives, went through by a majority of 33 votes to 15.

Nebraska state Senator Merv Riepe voted for the bill after holding out against a proposed 6-week abortion ban last month. 

GOP state Senator Kathleen Kauth said that the bill was designed to protect young transgenders and was not motivated by hate. The Senator insisted that the bill was not discriminatory but instead would protect the children of Nebraska. 

She clarified that the measure would delay irreversible, surgeries and medication, which she termed as experimental. But opponents of the law condemned it and branded it discriminatory and unconstitutional.

Democrats Brand Nebraska Legislation Morally Bankrupt

Democratic Nebraska Senator Machaela Cavanaugh termed the Republican-backed move morally bankrupt. She alleged that the GOP was indulging in political games with the lives of the children of Nebraska and also their parents. 

The vote on Friday comes after the interim approval of the measure this Tuesday. The Republican governor Jim Pillen applauded its passage and said that he would give his assent to the bill.

Pillen stressed that every child deserved the chance to grow and live happy and fruitful lives. This includes unborn children and those struggling with gender identity. They deserve the opportunity like other regular children. A minimum of 6 people courted arrest at the state capital in Lincoln on May 19 as protestors intruded upon a legislative debate on gender care and abortion.