(NASDAQ: CRWD): Zacks Analysts Downgrade CrowdStrike, Inc. From “Buy” To “Hold”

SNAP business
SNAP business

Zacks Investment Research analysts recently lowered CrowdStrike Holdings Inc.’s (NASDAQ: CRWD) rating from a “Buy” to a “Hold”, as per their report on the company issued this Tuesday, December 22. The security technology company currently stands at $221.00 as the price target. The target issued by Zacks suggests a 4.91% upside since CrowdStrike’s previous close.

CRWD stocks traded at $210.65 this Tuesday. The company’ current market capitalization stands at $46.61 billion. It has a negative PE ratio of 438.85 along with a beta of 1.23 at the moment. The 12-monthly high to low ranges from $211.61 to $31.95. The 50SMA (Simple Moving Average) stands at $153.61 and its 200SMA stands at $126.72.

CrowdStrike Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ: CRWD) Stock Analysis

The quarterly earnings report for the previous fiscal quarter was released by the company on the 2nd of December. The earnings stood at $0.08 EPS for that quarter as opposed to the general consensus on the estimated earnings at $0.15.

The company’s return on equity also stood at 12.79% along with the net margin of -13.40%. The estimated income for the firm was marked at $214.36 million but it made $232.50 million for the quarter. During the same time previous year, the firm’s EPS was $0.07. According to the available data, the company’s revenue was 85.9% up based on a year-over-year calculation.

NASDAQ: CRWD has recently been the subject of a lot of reports by equities analysts. Some such as Truist, Royal Bank of Canada, JPMorgan & Chase, Barclays and so on have posted reports on this firm over the last few months.

The recent consensus rating of CrowdStrike Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ: CRWD) stands at “Buy” and the consensus on the target price is $165.35. Several hedge funds have also been involved in buying and selling of this company’s shares recently.

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