John Hersey Supports Katie Thurston

John Hersey
John Hersey

John Hersey has shown full support to Katie Thurston. He has denied all the claims surrounding both of them. Hersey is a popular face on American television. He has been a part of the famous television reality show ” Bachelorette”. He has had many successful ventures since then. John has recently been linked to Katie Thurston.

Both the stars are deeply in love at the moment. As a caring man, Hersey has stood up for his woman. He stated that his present girlfriend did not cheat on her ex. A huge rumor has surfaced ever since the two have been in a relationship. Everybody speculated that Katie has cheated on her ex and dumped him for John. The recent statement from Hersey denies the claims. 

Katie Thurston was engaged to Blake Moynes. However, things did not seem to go well with the two. Both of them split up eventually and Katie found love in John. John Hersey slammed the claims on a Reddit post. He stated that both of them knew each other for almost six months. He termed themselves to be very good friends back then. John further went on to describe their friendship as platonic. He stated that neither of them was indulged in any sexual activities during the period. Let us learn more about the incident in detail below. 

John Hersey Stands Up For His Girlfriend

The post of John Hersey on Reddit has gone viral. It has been verified to be genuine. Hersey said that situation made them come close. It is the same circumstances that made them fall for each other. However, he did not want to share those details at the moment. 

John Hersey strictly stated that neither of them cheated. Hersey also said that he would never encourage anyone to indulge in cheating. John stated that he was well aware of her engagement. The star said Katie Thurston was a poised human and she broke up due to her personal reasons.