Republicans Call In 3 Witnesses In The First Hearing Into Biden Impeachment Investigation

Biden Impeachment

The GOP has released its witnesses list in the first hearing for impeaching President Biden. The House Oversight Committee has released the first hearing of the panel this week into the Biden impeachment. The three chosen witnesses are conservative figures identified for deliberating on the unfounded allegations that Joe Biden and son Hunter used their reach to enrich themselves.

Bruce Dubinsky, one of the witnesses in the Biden impeachment, is a legal accountant with over 4 decades of experience. He has previously given his opinion about the GOP charges against Hunter Biden. He earlier claimed that the presence of shell firms was a warning sign and had misgivings about the deal that he had abroad.

Eileen O’Connor was the assistant attorney general under President George Bush in the tax division of the Justice Department. She is also part of the Federalist Society and was extremely critical of the plea deal entered into by Hunter Biden. But the plan was scrapped at the last minute.

All Three Witnesses In Biden Impeachment Has Strong Republican Roots

The third witness is Jonathan Turley from the Law Department of George Washington University. He is a frequent guest on the Fox channel and has equated Hunter’s case with the one against Bob Menendez. He has also testified on the alleged weaponization of the government at a House subcommittee.

Republican House Speaker McCarthy and his Republican allies launched an impeachment examination into an allegation that President Biden used his reach to enrich his family members. This allegation dates back to the time when he was the vice president under President Barack Obama.

The GOP has failed to provide any evidence backing their allegations. President Biden has constantly denied any profit from any ventures. If the Republicans do succeed in the Biden impeachment, the Democrats will not remove him from office. The deciding Democratic-controlled Senate is sure to block any attempts to move ahead with the impeachment.

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