First Thing’s First: A Newbie’s Guide to Buying A Motorcycle 


Riding and owning a motorcycle has seen a rise in popularity in the last few years. Not only do men want to ride a motorcycle, but the influence has also reached a lot of women. There are many brands and motorcycle types that are available in the market.  

If you’re new to this exciting hobby, and you plan on buying a motorcycle, you need to do a lot of research before choosing what type of motorcycle you will buy. Here are some tips on buying your first motorcycle: 


There are many motorcycles to choose from, and the first thing you might consider is your budget. If you want a sports-type but can’t afford it at a brand new price, you can either buy a second-hand bike or get a loan for it. has tips and tricks for those who want to get a loan for buying motorcycles. Knowing your budget will determine what type of motorcycle you can choose from. 

The Best For Me 

Motorcycles and Scooters have a different function, speed, and compatibility. It can range from 50cc up to 1000cc, which will differ in the type of motorcycle. Scooters and motorcycles have different performance when it comes to speed. You need to know why you would buy a motorcycle and ask for a recommendation that would fit your needs. 

Type Of Motorcycle 

Knowing the different types of a motorcycle will help you decide which would be the best for you. Knowing all the functions, speed, weight, and even gas consumption will help you decide which type of motorcycle you need. Please don’t buy a motorcycle because of looks; knowing its capabilities is the important factor of owning your first motorcycle. 


  • Small Scooter – has an engine with only 50cc or less, and it is the lightest and fuel-saving consumption base on the engine’s capabilities. Scooter type motorcycle is an all automatic transmission. 
  • Mid Scooter – It ranges from 125cc to 250cc, which is good for commuting to work. It can be considered to be an all-around use except for the rough road. 
  • Maxi Scooter – it may also be known as a sports-type scooter bike. Riders who want a better look and want to use it for touring would be the best fit for the user. It may be larger and heavier, but it is easy to maneuver and provide you with a comfortable long drive. 


  • Standard – If you want a well-rounded performance motorcycle, then the standard or naked bike ranges from 250cc to 1500cc is the best fit for you. It has a multi cylinder design that has an upright, comfortable riding position. The best use for this type of motorcycle is riding in the city and a short distance riding. 
  • Cruiser – the design for this type of motorcycle is for solo riding with a traditional stylish look. The height design is generally lower than the standard motorcycle, which you can have a relaxed position while riding. The best fit for this type of motorcycle is for city riding and short tours. 
  • Dual Purpose – The dual-purpose type of motorcycle is designed for off-road riding as well as city driving. This type of motorcycle is well balanced and lightweight so that you don’t have a problem riding on an off-road or a muddy road. The best fit for this motorcycle type is off-road, gravel or muddy road, and adventure riding. 
  • Sports Bike – A motorcycle type that combines elegant look and speed. Sports bikes are usually used for track racing and generally a performance type that focuses on having more horsepower to perform a high-speed motorcycle. 

Safety Tips 

You need to know the basic necessary safety tips and gears before buying a motorcycle. Your safety is the most important thing that you should consider. Riding a motorcycle is more prone to accidents than owning a car.  


It is also a good idea to get a Motorcycle Safety Foundation before you own a personal motorcycle. It is a training course that will allow you to learn safety tips on riding a motorcycle on the road. 

Consider these Factors 

Used Bike Is Fit For A First Timer  – It is not wise to buy a brand new motorcycle if it’s your first riding one. If you happen to dislike the bike that you purchase, you can easily dispose of it, and you will not lose a lot of money. 


Don’t Mind Having A Low Horse Power Bike – If you just started using a motorcycle, it might be in the best interest to start on a low horsepower with a high power motorbike. Before you upgrade to a high-performance motorbike, you might need to experience riding a motorcycle and getting used to it. 


It would help if you considered a lot of things before buying a new motorbike. It is best to start with a low power motorbike rather than a high-power if it’s your first time riding one. Knowing your purpose of why you are purchasing a motorbike will be a great help in choosing what type of motorcycle would be the fit for you.