Black History Month Academically Celebrated By The Civic Education Center

Black History Month
Black History Month

Black History Month is getting celebrated by the Center for Civic Education. The celebration is being carried out with a series of podcasts called the 60-Seconds Civics. The podcast will also be followed by a number of other educative things like some important materials and webinars.

To honor Black History Month, 60-second Civics will take up the responsibility of featuring an episode of a podcast that will be in dedication to the experiences of the African Americans. It will be focusing especially on the civil rights expansion right from the founding era of the United States of America. Not only that but it will also be about the challenges faced by the victims with regard to receiving full equality in the modern ear.

Black History Month, Double-Fold Problems Faced By The African-Americans

In light of the Black History Month celebration, Christopher R. Riano, the president of the civic education center, gave a statement with regard to the Center’s initiative. The statement was regarding the nature of problems that were faced by the community of African American, that was double fold.

The president said that the importance of the promotion of justice and equality was accelerated in current times in the United States of America. This was due to the fact that the challenge that lay before the country had been doubled. Both the coronavirus pandemic and the growing extremism had a deeper effect on the community of African Americans.

President Christopher R. Riano also added that the initiative, the 60-Second Civics podcast along with the things that follow, will aid in the explanation of the journey and the achievements of the country. It will also aid in bridging the gap that lies between ideas of equality and their application.