Florida Abortion Ban Will Prevail

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Florida Abortion Ban has become one of the biggest issues in the political scenario of the United States Of America. The Supreme Court has recently passed a law that overturned the Roe v Wade case. This decision has divided the entire country into two halves. Most of citizens are against the law and have said that banning the right to abort is the most inhuman thing to do. A lot of celebrities have also criticized the decision. They have come out and shared their personal experiences with abortion and said that the law restricts the freedom of a woman.

They are of the opinion that a woman must be given the freedom to choose whether they want to opt for a baby or not. However, despite the huge backlash, some states have enforced the ban as per the Supreme Court’s decision. States like Florida have made it illegal for a woman to abort their baby after the completion of fifteen weeks. A judge from Florida has passed an order to temporarily block the Florida Abortion Ban. John Cooper initially imposed a block on the abortion ban calling it unlawful. However, soon after the decision was passed, a Republican attorney challenged the decision which automatically stayed the order. Let us learn more about the story in detail below. 

Florida Abortion Ban Creates Controversy 

The Florida Abortion Ban has resulted in a lot of controversies recently. The Governor of the state, Ron DeSantis has been highly criticized for his decision to enforce the abortion ban. A large number of citizens stated that the ban might come as a potential health risk to the woman. 

However, as per the recent reports, the Florida Abortion Ban will stand as of now. It remains to be seen which way the development goes.