Alec Baldwin Is Yet To Apologise To Victim’s Family In Rust Incident

Alec Baldwin
Alec Baldwin

Attorney Gloria claims that Baldwin has still not apologized to Halyna Hutchins’ family. The cinematographer’s family sued Alec Baldwin after he died on the Rust shooting set. The New Mexico movie set witnessed the death of Hutchins on 21st October 2021 which took place with the firing of a gun held by Baldwin. 

Attorney Gloria alleged consortium loss, emotional distress being inflicted, and many more on the behalf of the family of Hutchins on Thursday at the Los Angeles County Superior Court. Further claims have been made regarding Hutchins being the financial supporter of the house and also had planned on shifting her family along with her to settle in America. The lawsuit mentions not only Baldwin but also the production house of Rust along with other defendants who are to be held responsible for Hutchins’ death.

Alec Baldwin Has Not Yet Reached Out To Hutchin’s Family

Hutchin’s family claims that after the incident of 21st October 2021, Alec Baldwin has not yet offered his apology to the family. The press conference witnessed pictures of Hutchins posing with her family. Hutchin’s sister and mother appeared at the press conference via video and put in their statement for the very first time which was translated to English from Russian.

Svetlana Zemko, Hutchin’s sister, spoke on a very personal note stating that it is horrific for her to lose her sister and it is even more heartbreaking to see the declining health of her parents for whom to grasp the loss of their daughter now become unbearable. For this, she wants necessary actions to be taken and the culprit to turn in and hold himself responsible because she believes leaving the punishable unpunished should not be allowed.