Florida GOP Control Contested By Trump And DeSantis

Florida GOP

Florida and the Republican Party are increasingly under Ron DeSantis’ control. But if he has any presidential aspirations, he will run afoul of Donald Trump’s ambitions for the Florida GOP.

This past weekend, the Florida GOP played host to two Republican conventions that highlighted the significance of the state to the country as a whole and DeSantis’ role in reshaping the party. This style of politics, which is increasingly being embraced by conservatives across the nation, is that of the GOP governor of Florida who believes in winning at all costs.

DeSantis is viewed by a rising number in the Florida GOP and elsewhere as the party’s future leader. However, when Trump addressed tens of thousands of young conservatives in Tampa on Saturday night and mentioned running for president, it was evident how well-liked he is.

Republican voters have been trending away from Trump and toward DeSantis in several recent surveys. The governor of Florida, who has frequently stated that he is concentrating on his 2022 reelection campaign, is our fundraising Trump.

The Present State Of The Florida GOP

The Florida GOP conducted its Sunshine Summit, a two-day event that was mostly supported by funds DeSantis raised for the Florida GOP, in Hollywood, Florida, on the state’s Atlantic coast. Republicans from the state, including DeSantis, convened at the Seminole Hard Rock, where some of the most important Republican leaders in the state conducted formal party meetings within feet of hotel visitors wearing bikinis and slot machine gamblers.

The conservative student group Turning Point USA also conducted a conference more than 250 miles away in Tampa, where speakers included Trump, Fox News anchor Laura Ingraham, and Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.). Just one day before his appearance, the former president conducted a rally in Prescott, Arizona, in support of Kari Lake’s campaign for governor.

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