Cassidy Hutchinson Stands By Explosive Testimony On January 6 Capitol Riots

Cassidy Hutchinson

Former senior aide in the Trump camp, Cassidy Hutchinson has said she stands by her testament before the January 6 Committee. The former aide of Mark Meadows, the then chief of staff, said that the former President lunged at 2 members of the Secret Services and attempted to take over the steering to reach the Capitol.

Her attorneys William Jordan and Jody Hunt stated that Cassidy Hutchinson stood by all the evidence she provided to the January 6 Committee under oath as they looked into the riots at the US Capitol on January 6, 2021.

Cassidy Hutchinson Recounted That Trump Lunged At Secret Service Agents

Cassidy Hutchinson also narrated the events of that day recounted by another aide at the White House, Tony Ornato. She said that the former president was furious when Bobby Engel, a member of the Secret Service, told Trump that they would not go to the US Capitol on January 6 even as a mob took control of it.

Trump then sprang at Bobby and another agent at the steering of the presidential car. She was recounting events narrated by Ornato.

She said that Trump said that he was the f- president and ordered them to take him to the US Capitol immediately. Hutchinson also said that Trump tried to take control of the wheel, recounting what was told to her by Ornato.

The agents are believed to have stated that the former president never lunged at them nor did he grab the wheel. But he appeared furious when they refused to allow him to go to the Capitol and instead headed for the West Wing.

Select Committee member Representative Jamie Raskin (D-Md.) defended Cassidy Hutchinson’s stance as a witness and said that she appeared to have no interest or motivation to lie for any reason.

Both Engel and Ornato have testified in private before the Select Committee in private earlier in the year. Raskin said that all who wish to bear witness can do so under oath. He said that the Committee was only interested in finding out the truth of the incidents that occurred on that fateful day.