Following States Set To Send Out Additional Stimulus Checks In November 2023

Stimulus check update
Stimulus check update

With the festive season around the corner, millions of Americans are looking forward to some additional money to spend. And while federal stimulus checks have ended, some states are open to sending money to taxpayers.

The relief checks are more focused on their target with most money being sent in the form of tax credits, tax rebates, or tax refunds. These stimulus check payments are not as high as in the past two years but are as vital to many families as the Economic Impact Payments. Alaska, Virginia, Alabama, and Arizona continue to send out payments and will issue stimulus checks in November 2023 in various forms.

Alaska is sending a stimulus check to residents under the Permanent Fund Dividend even as residents continue to struggle against skyrocketing prices and inflation. Many residents have already cashed the PFD of around $1,312. However, many eligible beneficiaries have yet to pick up their relief checks. The second installment of the payment is set to arrive.

State Stimulus Checks Will Benefit Millions

Under the recently passed budget, lawmakers in Virginia have decided to give eligible resident single filers up to $200, while joint filers are set to receive double that amount. It is important to note that filers must submit their income tax returns for 2022 by November 1 to receive the rebate.

Alabama Governor Kay Ivey has signed the bill that gives residents between $150 and $300 to residents who have filed their income tax returns for 2021 on or before October 17. Around 1.9 million residents are expected to benefit from this round of stimulus checks.

Around three-quarters of a million families in Arizona will also receive a relief check soon under a new tax rebate plan inked by Republican lawmakers. The Families Tax Rebate has the backing of the Arizona Freedom Caucus, a conservative group of lawmakers. Around 743,000 taxpayers are expected to get a stimulus check soon.