Francis Collins To Retire Soon

Francis Collins
Francis Collins

Francis Collins, the director of the National Health Institute, gave a statement on his plans for retirement. It was announced that he would retire by the year 2022. It is to be noted that the director spent a total of thirty years at the institution. And that includes 12 years that he spent as an in-charge. This news was given off by the agency, it was done so on the 5th of October that fell on a Tuesday. 

Francis Collins’ Contribution

Francis Collins is a physician-geneticist in the profession. The 71-year-old expert took over the agency under the administration of a total of 3 presidents. It is to be noted that he is the first-ever director of the NIH who paid for his service under numerous administrations after getting appointed by the President himself. Francis Collins is also the director who has served for the longest time. The news on the departure of the NIH director was already given off by one of the news sources.

In his statement, the director who hails from the state of Maryland stated that he is of the strong opinion that a particular person should not be in charge of particular responsibility for a very long time. He further added that this was the right to introduce a new scientist to the NIH and let that person be the leader for the future.

Director Francis Collins had a very important role to play in the coronavirus pandemic. He was among the ones who constantly urged the people of the country to mask themselves and to get the vaccines as soon as possible. Although Anthoney Fauci was the main person who was at the forefront with regard to the issue related to the coronavirus pandemic, Collins too had an important role to play.