Federal Vaccine Mandates Announced


Federal Vaccine Mandates have been announced by the government of the US. The administration of Joe Biden has focused strongly on vaccination procedures. He stated that vaccination is the only way out of covid-19. Most of the citizens have requested the fourth round of Stimulus Check. They have stated that families are finding it difficult to survive.

However, the federal government has been reluctant to provide any more money. Instead, they are pushing the citizens to get vaccinated fast. The government has ensured that the rates of vaccination are rapid. With almost every office and business reopening, vaccines seem to be a necessity at the moment. Let us take a detailed look at the mandates issued by the government below. 

Federal Vaccine Mandates Looks To Combat Pandemic

The administration has laid down the whereabouts of the vaccination procedure. It is only a matter of weeks before which all government workers must be vaccinated. The outlines laid down on Monday will also state the exemptions. People suffering from complex medical conditions or having religious beliefs will be excused. 

The deadline for the workers to take the jab is the 22nd of November. The mandate states that any person can request an exemption. However, once the request is denied, he has to take at least a single dose within a couple of weeks. The Federal Vaccine Mandates also state that the federal government has the right to deny any application. A valid application can also be turned down in case no other precautions seem adequate. 

The recent weeks have seen an alarming rise in covid cases. The number of cases has increased along with the death rate. The Delta strain is threatening to wreak havoc once again. Such circumstances justify the government’s launching of the Federal Vaccine Mandates.