2023 Tax Rebate Update For Alabama Residents

tax filing

The state of Alabama has announced to provide eligible residents with a one-time tax rebate of up to $ 300. Residents may expect to receive their payments later this year from Autumn. This rebate comes after much discussion as the payment amount was changed twice previously. Kay Ivey, Governor of Alabama has now signed the tax rebate as a law and expressed her pride on signing the bill which will now return back the money as rebates to the working-class population of the state. 

To meet the eligibility criteria, Alabama residents will receive the rebate in accordance to their status of filing the state’s 2021 tax year. For a single filer, who had filed as a single individual, the state is providing $ 150. While residents who had filed jointly, they will receive checks worth $ 300. 

Those who had not filed their tax return in the state’s 2021 tax year, they will not be receiving the rebate. Residents who had previously claimed the 2021 Alabama or federal tax return as a dependent, are not entitled to the 2023 tax rebate. While trusts and estates do not qualify for the rebate.

Tax Rebates Are Being Provided In Other States As Well

Due to the ongoing inflation in the US, which has stressed citizens in buying commodities and affording housing, many states other than Alabama, like New Mexico are providing residents with stimulus tax rebates. These payments aim to boost the economy. Another aspect being the grocery taxes that were charged on residents in 2021 in Alabama. The rebate amount will be sent to residents from the Education Trust Fund, which had been allotted the grocery taxes for state schools. The 2023 tax rebate payments will start from November 30 of this year.