2021 Puppy Bowl Recap: ‘Good Boys’ Of Team Ruff Seal A ‘Paw’erful Win

Puppy Bowl
Puppy Bowl

Team Ruff who were considered as underdogs has successfully managed to claim the coveted Lombarky Trophy in the Puppy Bowl, 2021. Team Fluff was the opponent team that had a very rough match after several victories.

This was the 17th annual Puppy Bowl matchup that was held between adoptable dogs and pups that proved to be an intense match. During this year’s most cute game was played by 70 pooches belong from 22 various shelters who competed against each other for the title.

Puppy Bowl Concludes With High Spirits

The dogs were divided into 2 separate teams and participated in the football stadium that was shaped like a canine. The event also featured a halftime show along with a national anthem, continuous commentary as well as a ‘rufferee’. The referee was Dan Schachner who is a longtime ‘rufferee’ and kicked off the Puppy Bowl to a thrilling start with team Ruff.

Archer of Team Ruff is an American Staffordshire Terrier and was given a penalty for ripping off the goal post from the opposition. Archer was punished for the illegal usage of the goal post. In addition, Muffin who is a terrier mix breed successfully managed to score the first touchdown on behalf of the Ruff.

Marshall is a terrier who has hearing impairment yet gave a strong fight to the opposing team. Marshall was an early contender for the Most Valuable Pup. He is currently training to be a support dog for the nurses on the front line of the coronavirus pandemic.

Jill Biden, the First Lady, was being accompanied by Champ and Major and delivered the PSA about the adoption of dogs. Major is also known to be a rescue dog.