Further Stimulus Checks Would Cause Economic Collapse More

Stimulus Check

A message or wish can comprehend in many or rather a billion ways, this is exactly what happened with President’s year-ending message on Twitter. That almost caused him to lose the chair. This is the final time no more stimulus checks would be coming in 2023. This shatters many, but democrats aren’t in the majority, the Republicans are. And republicans crowded the house of Senate, there is very slim to no chances for further checks.

Many Believed The Misleading Tweet Was About Stimulus Checks

Stimulus checks were helping all the working families nationwide from debts and poverty. With inflation skyrocketing and labor charges decreasing many were supporting their groceries with monthly stimulus checks. Not only stimulus checks but there were also other types of payments available as well, child credit tax is the significant one among them. There were also property tax rebates and middle-class tax payments.

Where 63% supported the further stimulus checks, there were 42% supported strongly agreed, and they voted for neither further ones nor no checks. Many started speculating as Biden’s message was the secret code for offering stimulus checks, and like covid19 the rumor spread faster than one could imagine.

However, Biden always supported further checks, which is highly unlikely to come. But the child credit taxes helped many children from poverty and malnutrition. There is a chance of these types of checks to come, even the republicans are in for these. They never supported the idea of further relief checks.

And economists believe that these types of payments would cause more disruption in inflation, and it may rise again. Inflation started slowing down in October, and the federal government doesn’t want to ruin it at any cost. Biden expected the child credit tax could have gone the long way at least till 2025, but the republicans pulled it in within six months.