G-20 Rome Summit Ends: US President Optimistic But Raps China, Russia, And Saudis On Climate Change

Rome Summit

The G-20 Rome Summit drew to a close with American President Joe Biden asserting that things were under control. In a message directed both at the domestic audience and the world, he took a hit at China, Russia, and the Saudis for doing little about climate change.

He outlined his overall efforts as he talked of the $900B set aside for a push towards renewable energy that will be voted through next week by Congress. He also set in motion measures to smoothen the supply chain by streamlining the ports.

Biden has also made plans to rein in inflation, while he builds an economy supportive of workers with higher pay. World leaders at the Rome Summit were willing to trust him on the diplomatic front.

But at the Rome Summit, he expressed his inability to convince the three nations to agree with the international community for a limit to carbon emissions along with a gradual shift towards renewable energy.

President Biden Talks About Getting Things Done Through Personal Dynamics At The Rome Summit

At the Rome Summit news conference on Sunday, the President outlined his faith that politics is inherently personal, and asserted that progress at the concluding Rome Summit was achieved through direct interaction between world leaders.

Biden said that personal dynamics help a lot in getting things done and that has happened at the Rome Summit too. He said that while significant progress has been made at the Rome Summit, a lot needs to be achieved. He said that the focus is on what is not being done by the 3 nations that he mentioned.

The President retained his optimism despite the challenging circumstances at the summit. He also expressed his optimism that recalcitrant senators Manchin and Sinema were along with him in the $1.75T package for funding health care, renewable energy, and support for families.

The president also came away from the Rome Summit with commitments from fellow world leaders for a minimum tax globally to stop companies from avoiding tax by assigning profits to offshore countries with lower rates.

He also announced fresh funding for shipping and ports. He also committed to a summit in 2022 on supply chains.

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