Infrastructure Talks Run Into Split In Congress

Infrastructure Bills
Infrastructure Bills

President Biden will likely have a tough time in the Senate with the infrastructure talks, even as he fights to win over the Republican congressmen on key points in the bill. He and his fellow Democrats are striving to include the ambitious infra plan that could have a major impact on the American infrastructure. He must brace himself for acting on legislation that they must push through to get over efforts in the Republican states to curb voting rights.

Infrastructure Talks Faces Obstacles

The opposing camps are deeply divided into crucial aspects of the infra package. Some Democrats fear that they are running out of time to clinch the deal.

Though it has cleared the House, bitter divisions remain within the Senate as the Republicans oppose key aspects of the package. There remain deep fissures within the Democrats on the way to secure the deal. Senator Joe Manchin opposed the bill. He is against changing Senate rules and pushing through President Biden’s plan.

Anxiety Within The Democrats Regarding The Process

Several Democratic lawmakers are trying to avoid a vote and pushing through measures even without opposition backing. But Manchin has been insistent on bipartisan talks if only to preserve the Senate’s character.

But he is under pressure with rights groups pressuring him to go for the bill and break the Republican resistance to the infrastructure talks.  

But Manchin is adamant and said that will go against it if only to preserve what he said were the ‘binds’ of democracy. He reiterated that he will never vote to eliminate or weaken the filibuster.

Pressure To Dump Republicans On Infrastructure Talks

With the Senate resuming business this week, there is pressure to desist from talking to the Republicans on the infrastructure plans. Democratic lawmakers are insisting on going it alone thus passing the bill with only Democratic support. But there is the danger of Manchin not supporting. And Chuck Schumer, Majority Leader cannot go it alone on the infrastructure talks.

The two parties remain miles apart in their proposals with the $1T in fresh spendings proposed by Biden in contrast with the $300B proposed by the Republicans.

And if the Democrats decide to move alone, they will need even months to get the bill ready for the floor.

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