Seth Rogen’s Initiative To Cure People

Seth Rogen

Seth Rogen usually carries a cheeky sarcastic cool dude attitude, he is still a kid at heart. And recently he joked about how no one made a good high school film since his film Superbad, in 2007. Well, critics aka the fans didn’t take it lightly they argued over it on Twitter. He looks like someone who is unaware of the whole world n, but he proved to be someone who has an eye on the details. He has been a caregiver to Alzheimer’s patients.

Seth Rogen And His Wife Have Taken Up The Responsibility Of Provide A Reliable Shoulder

Seth Rogen’s mother-in-law, who sufferers from Alzheimer’s disease, it early diagnosed at the age of 55. He saw how much she suffers, and how much care and love were needed. Seth Rogen set some goals which he would like to execute by hook or by crook. He launched HFC with some of his friends in 2012. Their initial goal was to provide assistance to Alzheimer’s caregivers. The assistance should provide financial, and emergency planning workshops. And all those seminars usually happen on national caregivers day.

Through this event not only the patients are benefiting but also their caregivers, who are extremely important and they rely upon. Seth Rogen further shares how these workshops help people with their breathwork even, and another event called ‘laughter yoga’.Their main focuses are always to help out caregivers because they are in dire need of a helping hand but aren’t provided any.

Seth Rogen shed light on the most crucial part of life is laughing. With age, we forget to laugh more and worry less, and usually happens the opposite we worry more and laugh less. It is scientifically proven laughter cures diseases faster than medicines.