First Look At The Iron Claw: Zac Efron Bulks Up To Extreme As Von Erich

The Iron Claw

We first got a hint of the looks of The Iron Claw from paparazzi pictures of Zac Efron on the film sets. And now a fresh still from the flick reveals the extremely bulked-up physique of the actor in the role of Kevin von Erich, aka the Golden Warrior. The Iron Claw is a biopic on the Von Erich family of Texas, depicting in detail their trials and tribulations as a wrestling dynasty. The biographical sports film showcases all members of the family, including Fritz, wife Doris, and their children, Kevin, Kerry, Mike, and David.

The family has faced immense tragedy over two generations as family members died young. The events will be portrayed in the biopic. The true incidents depicted in The Iron Claw are set in the 60s and after.

The Iron Claw premiers in theaters in December during the festive season and will showcase all members of the eminent wrestling family, and the tragedy that befell members at regular intervals. Written and directed by Sean Durkin, the cast has Zac Efron in the leading role of Kevin. Jeremy A. White assays the role of the younger brother, Kerry. The other two brothers, David and Mike are played by Harris Dickinson and Stanley Simons respectively.

The Iron Claw Depicts The Intensely Tragic Von Erich Family Over Two Generation

Holt McCallany plays the role of patriarch Fritz while Maura Tierney can be seen as Doris Von Erich, their mother. Viewers will only know how accurately the movie depicts. Changes are anticipated to dramatize the storyline. However, given the extreme history of the family, a faithful depiction would be sufficient to spice up the movie.

The picture of The Iron Claw has been posted by Zac Efron himself on his Instagram account. It shows him in a muscular build with long locks. He is seen attacking an opponent with a flying kick. He is barefooted, a Von Erich signature attire in the ring. The inclusion of Maxwell J Friedman, the professional wrestler, into the cast is further good news as it will make for a more authentic look.