Republican Lawmaker George Santos Branded A “Complete And Utter Fraud” By Democrats: Stands Accused Of Faking Background

George Santos

Republican elect George Santos who secured a House seat on Long Island in November now stands accused of faking certain aspects of his background amid evidence that he fabricated them. The American businessman and politician from the state of New York boasted impressive professional and academic credentials and projected himself as the quintessence American success story.

George Santos grew up in an immigrant, Queens working-class family and stated obtained his high-school diploma from a reputed college. He claimed a meteoric rise in New York’s financial world and claimed to have been part of landmark Wall Street financial deals. But there are no records of him in the college where he claims to have studied.

The fraudulent nature of George Santos’ claims was first reported by The New York Times. Questions have also been raised about another aspect of his life and career story. He also faces a criminal fraud inquiry in Brazil, from where his parents migrated.

George Santos’s Lawyer Has Claimed The Allegations Against Him Was Defamatory

Lawyers representing George Santos have refused to answer queries about his life and have claimed that Santos was being threatened by political opponents. Joseph Murray, his lawyer, said that his enemies are trying to tarnish his reputation with their defamatory allegations.

Santos’ detailed biography on his election campaign website claimed he graduated in 2010 from New York City’s Baruch College with a degree in finance and economics. But the college has stated that they have no records of a student by that name who had ever passed out from there.

Claims that George Santos worked as a Citigroup asset manager in its real asset division have also been rejected by the financial giant. His biography also states that he worked for Goldman Sachs, the banking giant. This has also been found to be fabricated. Further claims of a second degree from New York University were also false, said a university spokesperson.

Democratic National Committee member Robert Zimmerman has called for an investigation by Federal authorities and the House Ethics Committee.

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