George Santos Faces Another Controversy For Writing Bad Cheque to an Amish Farmer

George Santos
George Santos

It has been known from an Amish farmer in a dairy farm settled in the County of Lancaster, Pennsylvania that George Santos bought puppies from him. He shared that over 5 years ago, George Santos, who appeared to be a fidgeting and nervous man entered his dairy farm to talk about buying puppies. This farmer also revealed that he also dealt in puppy breeds which were his side business. George Santos told the farmer the puppies he would like to buy and insisted that this deal must remain anonymous.

Puppy Business Of George Santos 

After George Santos chose the puppies he liked, his assistant grabbed those 2 puppies and took them out of their cages. Finally, his assistant took out the checkbook when the Amish farmer became suspicious. This preliminary instinct of the farmer has proved to be correct today owing to the reason that the cheque has bounced. 

He also found out that the man who bought the 2 puppies and handed him a cheque in return is the controversial New York Republican Congressman named George Santos. It must also be noted that Santos has also been accused of theft. 

Accusation Follow Santos 

George Santos is alleged of thieving in Pennsylvania after he was accused of writing a bad cheque to an Amish farmer. However, Santos’ lawyer has clarified that the case of theft against his client has been dismissed and his name is cleared. 

The lawyer of Santos has further tried to plead his client’s case saying that 4 of Santos’ checkbooks were missing or stolen. The Amish farmer also mentioned a woman had accompanied Santos when he purchased the puppies. He also added that when he asked for cash, Santos declined. Santos and his lawyers have not responded to this accusation yet.