Arnold Schwarzenegger And His Untold Story

arnold schwarzenegger

He appears to be someone who has the perfect life. His career before coming to Hollywood was in the wrestling industry. He is an athlete. Arnold Schwarzenegger used to bodybuild before stepping into Hollywood. He has multiple talents. His keen interest landed him in acting. And later on in politics. He has won Mr. Universe five times already.

And Mr. Olympia seven times. Everything seemed very nice and smooth. It was like an opportunity fell in his lap. All of his life stories are bundled up in a Netflix documentary.

Years Of Struggle Of Arnold Schwarzenegger Wrapped In A Documentary 

He didn’t have a smooth start to his career. He struggled financially. Arnold Schwarzenegger had a troublesome childhood. However, it was not always ideal. He was engaged in scandalous affairs. The Netflix docuseries called Arnold. The three docu-series also feature his mentors, personal trainers, and comrades.

His friends from the Hollywood industry. All of them played some part in his life and his career. Thus all of them contribute their portion to the document. The docu-series wrapped up everything in it. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s brother died when he was young that was a huge part of his life. He was massively affected by this.

He served as the governor of California. In the documentary, he reflects on his brother and his early life. They used to get beaten on a daily basis. That shaped him very much. It made him determined and strong from the inside.

His father abused them physically. Which affected their mental health. All these childhood traumas caused his brother to seek solace from alcohol. Which led him to death in the end. He was fragile and sensitive which is why he couldn’t tolerate the pressure. Near the end of the document, Arnold Schwarzenegger left the decision in the hands of the audience to decide his stance.