Maxine Waters, The Democratic Representative, Heavily Criticised

Maxine Waters
Maxine Waters

Maxine Waters, the Representative from the Democratic Party, saw a wave of criticism following the comments she made on the protestors. The ones to criticize were politicians belonging to the Republican party. 

The Democratic Representative had told the protestors to be open to confrontations following the unrest of seven straight nights that occurred in the state of Minnesota. Reacting to this, The Republicans from the California state claimed that the comments of Maxine Waters have a high chance of inciting violence in an already wounded state. The wave of Republican criticism flew in this Sunday.

Maxine Waters On Demanding Justice

The 82-year-old Democratic Representative went on to join the Brooklyn Center demonstration. It had taken place on an early morning on Sunday. Together they broke the curfew that had been arranged by the police. The reason behind her taking the step was in order to give the demonstrators a voice. All this took place following the death of Daunte Wright after he was shot by the police. 

Maxine Waters had a lot to say to the demonstrators. Through her speech, she encouraged them not to leave the streets. She told them to fight for the justice that they deserve. The representative also referred to the case of George Floyd who had been fatally shot by the police. She further stated that they all had to keep fighting in order for Chauvin to be granted as guilty. The Representative stressed the importance of continuing the protest until the demands for justice were satisfied.

Ted Cruz, the Senators, gave a statement with regard to the statement of Maxine Waters. The Republican senator stated that the remark that was given by the Representative was a reflection of the overall agenda of the Democratic party. He stated that they only wanted to cause riots in the United States of America.