Georgetown Basketball Definitely Grabbed A Few Eyeballs And Spots

Georgetown Basketball
Georgetown Basketball

Georgetown Basketball and Oregon State, until last season, were definitely in the last position in their leagues- and yet have clinched a spot in the bubble. This begets the question- whose spot did they end up stealing? The teams had qualified for the NCAA tournament which led to them wrestling bids away from the teams.

The Hoyas had absolutely destroyed Creighton last Saturday to win the Big East tournament. Interestingly- a few hours down the line saw Oregon State sidelining Colorado to apparently claim the tournament. 

Georgetown Basketball And A Series of Miracles

Needless to say, the outcomes of Georgetown Basketball and Oregon State are scenarios that other bubble teams would definitely have a nightmare about. As reports go, they were definitely vying for the last spots in the field. Also, neither the Hoyas nor the Beavers would have been able to make the 68 field if they ended up losing their respective tournaments at the conference level.

Yet, they ended up sidelining through the rungs by claiming the automatic bids of the league leaders. This ended up pushing the team that they had defeated to the at-large pool, something that reduced the number of seats available by one. 

The bubble teams are definitely not safe anymore. Cincinnati is also nipping at their heels and could definitely upset another at-large team if they end up upsetting Houston in the American Athletic Conference title game on Sunday. If Colorado misses out on the NCAA Tournament, the Rams would definitely be looking back at their loss to Utah State on Friday. In the semi-final, the stronger team on paper could just manage 50 points, while simply falling apart completely in the third quarter. 

But as of now, both Georgetown Basketball and Oregon State have cleared the net to step into the next phase of the Championship. Cincinnati could be following through. 

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