New York Jets trade Jamal Adams to Seattle Seahawks, get two first-round picks

After around a month of formally requesting a trade and after seven months of a contract dispute, Saturday saw New York Jets trading Jamal Adams to Seattle Seahawks.

Adams had made it pretty clear through his social media handle that he no longer wanted to be a part of the Jets. In June, he had also submitted seven preferred trade destinations, exasperated by the slow progress in the ongoing process. He was also seen recently criticizing Adam Gase and Woody Johnson.

Adams is signed through till 2021. Even though Douglas has always praised Adams publicly, the latter, quite known for his outspoken personality has said that he felt betrayed by Douglas, who was hired in 2019 and didn’t draft him (Adams). The relationship has been particularly strained since the last Fall when word spread of the Jets entertaining trade offers from the Dallas Cowboys.

Post-trade Adams took to social media to tell his Jet fans how they would always hold a special place in his heart and further wrote “When I came into the league, you embraced me & watched me grow!” he wrote. “We went through it all together. Thank you for the Luv & support these 3 years.”

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