Antonio Rudiger Is Ready To Listen To An Improved Offer From Chelsea

Antonio Rudiger
Antonio Rudiger

Antonio Rudiger is just like any other sportsman at the top of his craft- he is looking for a payday that would support him and his family. And at the age of 28, he is looking at the last payday and long-term commitment with Chelsea, who have yet to provide him with an offer that would meet his expectations- with other teams in Europe ready to offer a lot more.

And we can’t blame him- in competitive sports, money talks. While there may be other considerations that one has to take into account like emotional, sporting, and familial, at the end of the day it is all about how much money they are securing in the end. 

Antonio Rudiger Is Ready For A Better Offer From Chelsea

In the case of Antonio Rudiger, the situation seems to be moving towards Chelsea a little bit, and while the offer seems to be far from a done deal, they might agree to bring out an extension. A report from Telegraph’s Matt Law has claimed that Rudiger is indeed ready to provide a listening ear with the expectation that the team is quite ready to improve on their previous offer- if not necessarily in terms of raw wages- then at least in terms of a loyalty bonus. With Lukaku getting a club-record deal, Rudiger is definitely not happy at how much he is getting paid. 

While the sum Antonio Rudiger is getting paid per week would be mind-boggling for a normal citizen, it all comes down to principles and the relative worth of that player. It is also about financial forecasts and commitments, and the planning Chelsea would have to do if they want to secure this player for the long term. 

As it currently stands, both parties need to come to a compromise that would help them both. Antonio Rudiger needs to feel valued as an important part of the team, and Chelsea will be able to show him that with a fat offer.