Sharon Stone Shows Off Her Summer Body

Sharon Stone
Sharon Stone

Sharon Stone, the “Casino” actress posted a picture that revealed her in a wonderful bikini. The American actress took to the social media platform, Instagram, to share her picture. It showed her wearing a bright yellow bikini while she gave a lovely pose accompanied by a broad smile. The picture was shot this weekend. In one of the recent interviews, the actress had stated the fact that she does not hold the view that she is that sexy.

Sharon Stone Looks “Happy”

The caption that the 63-year-old gave to her picture was quite complimentary towards the picture and the colors that it revealed. It read, “Happy Summer.” and she also looked quite happy. Sharon Stone in one of the magazines had stated that she never took herself as someone who was extremely sexy. This statement came from her in the month of September last year. The actress also mentioned her journey in her hit movie, Basic Instinct. She stated that she had explored the dark side of herself in that movie. She befriended that side and tried to bring it out.

So that, according to her, was what attracted the most people. Sharon Stone considered that to be the reason why she was regarded to be “sexy” by so many people. It is to be noted that the actress carried a decade-long status of being a “sex symbol.”

Most of the celebrities from the entertainment industry went on to post their comments on the bikini post of the actress. They include Jamie Lee Curtis, the American actress, Leslie Jordan, the American actor, actress Rose McGowan and Lisa Rinna, the star of the reality tv show, Real Housewives. Earlier, Sharon Stone shared the workout regime that she does at home. It revealed that she does 30 squats every day. The actress also stated the importance of looks. She claimed that one can only know the value of it after one loses it.