Kevin McCarthy Pays Court To Trump In Florida

Kevin McCarthy
Kevin McCarthy

Kevin McCarthy has been a cheerleader for Donald Trump for quite some time. Everyone who thought that the former President of the United States of America will be signing off from the political scenario and occupy himself with golf is totally incorrect.

Recently, Kevin McCarthy, Minority Republican leader of the House, has paid a visit to Trump in Florida. Nonetheless, Kevin withdrew his support for Trump after the riot at the Capitol Hill building on 6th January. He demanded an answer from Trump and asked him to take responsibility for the violence from his supporters.

Post-Trump Stance Of Kevin McCarthy

Kevin McCarthy showed immense character after the Capitol riot by taking a stand against Trump. However, he felt an icy blow from the former President who was enraged with his comments. Following this, Kevin quickly retraced his steps, stating that the entire nation is responsible for the violence and five deaths at the scene.

The congressman then went over to Florida to meet his former king and kiss his ring seeking forgiveness. This is mainly due to the reason that Trump’s recent statements reveal that he still considers himself to be the leader of the Republicans.

Trump’s Office had posted a statement that he recently had a meeting with Kevin McCarthy in the Mar-a-Lago at Palm Beach in Florida. The meeting was a cordial and positive one where they discussed several topics. The most important agenda of their meeting was on the future strategy of taking their party to the top spot in the House within 2022. They intend to accomplish this by capitalizing on the popularity of Trump which seems to increase on a daily basis.