Good Burger 2 Is On The Horizon

Good Burger 2

This is finally happening. Good Burger 2 is coming finally 26 years later. The story of Dex and Ed will remain.90s kids grew up watching this show. It is more like coming home after 26 years. The sequel was long awaited. This is why they say good things take time. Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell disclosed the surprise of there is a season 2 coming definitely.

Jimmy Fallon Reuniting With The Team Of Good Burger 2

The first was shot in 1997 starring Jimmy Fallon. Good Burger 2 is reuniting fellow actors in 2023. Along with Jimmy Fallon, there were also Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell in the first good burger. The director’s main goal is to keep laughter intact this time. Good Burger 2 will bring the insane amount of hilarious moments double.

The production for Good Burger 2 will begin in May this year. There is a chance of premiere later this year, At least what the production company is hoping to do.

Kenan Thompson is excited to be a part of the Good Burger 2. The show has been there for generations and it feels great to be part of something great. He is proud of being a part of GB 2.

Kel Mitchell’s character brought so much happiness and positivity to fans that he is grateful for that. Doing it after all these years is surreal for him. They cannot wait to see in Good Burger 2 how these characters have evolved.

GB 2 will follow the old story and what happens after that. Definitely, there will be adding and editing some new characters will be joining them and some old ones will be removed. They cannot wait to be back at the set for some Burgers.