Google said to be preparing its own chips for use in Pixel phones and Chromebooks

silicon powered smartphones
silicon powered smartphones

Like the developers of Apple, Google is now taking steps to improvise their hardware by introducing custom-designed silicon powered future smartphones. Axios report states that Google has been developing it’s own in house processor for future use in phones and Chromebooks.

Previously Google had received a mixed review about its own first-party hardware. Some of the generations of Pixel smartphones were in high demand, owing to their brilliant camera and photo processing feature. However, it failed to compete with the A-series of Apple as Google continued using Qualcomm processors while Apple built processors according to their needs. 

Sources reveal that Google partnered with Samsung for the development of this chip and code-named it ‘Whitechapel’. The chip comes with an 8-core ARM-based processor, custom-built on-chip resources specialized for machine learning, and Google Assistant.

Google has already received the delivery of the first working prototypes, but it will take another year to hit the market. We can also expect this chip to be implemented in Chromebooks in the near future.

ARM-based Chromebooks already exist. The introduction of ‘Whitechapel’ won’t be a hassle- if the produced chips can conform to the expectations.


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