The Immigrants Sent By Greg Abbott Arrived In Washington DC

Greg Abbott
Greg Abbott

Numerous immigrants with no documents were transported to the capital of America this Wednesday on several buses. This decision was taken by Greg Abbott, the Governor of Texas, who wanted to take a stand against the Government of Joe Biden, the President of America. The administration of Joe Biden moved the border policy started by Donald Trump and hence this action was a gesture of opposing the movement. 

Greg Abbott Decided To Transport Undocumented Immigrants On Buses

Greg Abbott stated that by transferring the migrants directly to Washington DC, the Federal Government can take responsibility as they decide to give them entry to the country. The migrants were all from Columbia, Venezuela, Cuba, and Nicaragua, and they were transferred by hundreds of buses as a response of Abbott to the decision of Biden to end the expulsion of title 42. 

Greg Abbott is going to run for re-election this November and this is a huge step taken by him before this election. He ordered the Division of Emergency Management of Texas to arrange hundreds of buses to take the immigrants to Washington. As per his statement, the state of Texas would not handle the pressure of these immigrants just for the sake of Biden’s failed administration regarding securing the border. 

However, Jen Psaki, the press Secretary of the White House stated that all the immigrants who will arrive in the capital will be directed to the Customs and Border Protection of the U.S. Thus, in a way Texas is providing help to get the people to their proper destination where they will complete their proceedings related to immigration. 

Alejandro Mayorkas, the Secretary of Homeland Security declared a few days ago that the Federal Government would end the public health rule of Trump that was started during the pandemic era to stop the spread of coronavirus across the border.