School Superintendent Scott Ziegler Apologizes And Resigns For Sexual Assault Case

scott ziegler
scott ziegler

The total mishandling of allegations of sexual attack in two Virginia schools has led to the resignation of a board member. The school superintendent, Scott Ziegler of Loudoun County also apologized for the blunder.

Scott Ziegler has recently denied the presence of any record of incidents that pointed to a sexual assault in a meeting in June. This despite the angry claims by a father that his daughter had been attacked by a skirt-wearing boy in the washroom. The accused was charged and transferred but had attacked another girl inside a classroom at the new school.

Scott Ziegler expressed his apologies for the administration’s failure to ensure a welcoming, safe, and supportive environment that every student aspires to.

Scott Ziegler And Loudoun County School Had Earlier Tried To Conceal   Sexual Assault

The district administration had been outright blatant about the whole episode and later tried to cover up for their blunder. Scott Ziegler gave a half-hearted apology over the incident and said that they would change for the better.

The police had instead arrested Scott Smith, the father of the girl when he confronted district officials over the assault in the bathroom of the Stone Bridge High School in May. A boy, aged 14, was arrested on two charges of sodomy according to the office of the county sheriff. But they did not confirm if it was linked to the allegation at the meeting.

The accused had assaulted another girl in Broad Run High School. He was accused of abduction and sexual battery for having forced the girls into a bathroom and touching them inappropriately. He is under electronic monitoring. Superintendent had earlier lied at a board meeting of the school on June 22 denying the occurrence of any assault.

He tried to deflect the cover-up by the saint that he had misinterpreted questions about incidents that occurred in the schools. Beth Barts, a member of the school board also resigned though she refused to discuss the reason.

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