Imminent Government Shutdown Sets Up Most Direct Fight Between Trump And Biden Yet

Government Shutdown

The Republicans continue their game of brinkmanship as time ticks on deadline to avoid a government shutdown. The opposition is again threatening to push the world’s largest economy to the brink of a massive fiscal crisis. The US faces the predicament barely 4 months after avoiding another catastrophic default. The Democrats led by President Joe Biden and the Republicans are engaging in an open feud over government spending bills that could lead to a complete government shutdown by the end of this month.

Lawmakers have only until the last day of this month to arrive at a pact before an almost total government shutdown sets in. All government services funds will dry up, starting in October. Such a major government shutdown will threaten the wages of all workers backed by federal funding, including museums, national parks, and other positions. It will also significantly affect the political fortunes of President Biden even as he bids for a rerun in 2024.

Getting Ready For Another Round Of The Government Shutdown Spectacle!

Biden implicated a ‘small group’ of GOP members for the present debacle. He said that these members do not want to stand by the deal. He warned that such an action would lead to large-scale suffering with everyone in the nation paying the price for it.

The president said that it was time the Republican Congressmen started doing the jobs for which they were elected. The Republican obstinacy could have consequences on the international stage. American funds for the Ukraine war effort are poised to dry up. This comes even as President Zelensky pleads for additional weapons to halt the Russian advance.

Both parties are in agreement about the sum of $24 B for the war effort in Europe. However, a section of hardliners in the GOP are blocking progress, refusing to fund overseas war efforts. While budget votes in Washington see regular standoffs, it has been particularly difficult this year amid extreme polarization. A government shutdown seems imminent this time around.