Corey Lewandowski Accused Of Sexual Harassment

corey lewandowski
corey lewandowski

One of the donors of Donald Trump, the former President of the United States of America, is making accusations against Corey Lewandowski. The accused is a close aide of Donald Trump for a very long time. As per the details of the accusation, he approached the accuser in an inappropriate manner. The incident took place in the city of Las Vegas situated in the state of Nevada. All of this took place in an event that was held for the purpose of charity.

On Corey Lewandowski’s Actions

The name of the person who made accusations against Corey Lewandowski is Trashelle Odom. She is the wife of John Odom, the construction executive of the state of Idaho. She gave a detailed account of the incident that took place. According to her statement, the Trump aide made repeated physical advancements against her. She also stated that Corey Lewandowski, the author, and the political commentator, touched her butts and legs. Not only that but he also spoke to her in a very inappropriate manner using certain sexual terms. Trishelle Odom also claimed that the accused stalked her the entire evening. 

A total of four people gave their confirmation of the incident that took place. They were witnesses to whatever happened that day. The news sources spoke directly to the accuser, Odom. She stated that on the 26th of September, she had come out of her house to attend the charity event in order to support it as well as to spend time with her group of friends. However, unfortunately, she returned home feeling belittled and unsafe. And the reason behind this was Corey Lewandowski. Throughout the night he sexually harassed her. He made physical advancements by touching her in inappropriate places, stalked her, and passed sexual comments at her.    

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